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Terms of Service

Welcome to JDify. We're glad you're here to check out our terms of service and hope you enjoy what we are offering.

Kindly read our terms of service clearly because this is a formal agreement between JDify (hereinafter will be represented as “ JDify”) and you (hereinafter will be represented as “You”, " User" or “Your”). By accepting this agreement or accessing or using the service, you agree to the terms and conditions (General Terms) of this agreement.

These terms clearly explain your use and limitation of the websites. In this terms of service, the word "sites" refers to each of the sites under JDify. By using the sites or logging into the service, you automatically agree to the terms of the condition.

JDify offers a bunch of services, your use of any of the JDify products are provided and managed by JDify to separate agreement. Those additional terms also become the major of your agreement with us if you make use of our services or log into the sites.

Terms of Acceptance

This agreement consists of the following terms and conditions if any specific to the use of individual services (hereinafter the “ Service Specific Terms”). The General Terms and service-specific terms will be collectively referred to as “Terms”. In the event of a conflict between the General Terms and Service-specific terms, the service-specific terms shall prevail.

Provisions of services

JDify offers various services for team collaboration, workflow management, building a personal brand, and much more. You may make use of services for your personal benefits or internal business purpose in the organization you represent irrespective of the size. To start using the service, you may connect to the Internet browser supported by the services. It is your responsibility to set up to access the internet and other necessary accessories to make the fullest use of the services.

Any of the subscribers are not allowed to rent, loan, or re-license rights to access service, modify, disassemble, or reverse engineer, use our website or service that violates this agreement as per any laws. The services can be used for your personal and business purpose or for the internal business purpose in the organization. You are the sole person or entity to be responsible to access the service to the fullest. At any point in time, you can create and edit content with your user account.

Subscription to Beta Services

We offer certain Services as closed or open beta services for testing and evaluation. We have the sole authority and discretion to determine the period of time for testing and evaluation of Beta Services. Also, we are responsible to judge whether the beta service is up to the mark or not. As a customer, you will be under no obligation to use any paid services as a result of your subscription to use any paid services. JDify is solely responsible for fully or partially discontinuing the service any time we want. Also, we are obliged to inform you with or without any prior notice. At any point of we will not be liable to you or any third party for any kind of harm caused due to suspension or discontinuance of the Beta services.

User Sign up Obligations

As a user, you need to sign up by providing all the important information in order to access it. If you are using it for an organization, we recommend that you and all other users from your organization sign up for user accounts by providing your corporate contact information such as email address, password, and phone number. It is your responsibility to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself for the signing-up process. If any of the information provided is untrue, inappropriate, or outdated, JDify is responsible for terminating your user account immediately or restricting the usage of any or all the services.

Account management and administration

If you are the administrator of your organization, you have the right to configure the services as per your organization's needs and manage the end-users in your organization. If your organization account is created or handled on your behalf by a third party. Therefore, we will assume that such a third party is the administrator role of your organization. We insist you enter into a suitable agreement with such a third party and specify the roles and responsibilities. In such cases, you are responsible to ensure the privacy of your organization's accounts details and ensure that all activities occur in connection with your organization. In case of any violation of privacy, you are solely responsible for taking the necessary steps to protect the data of your organization's accounts. You are allowed to specify a process for following a recovery control in the event of any loss by writing to us on our official data. JDify is not liable for the consequence of any action.

Intellectual Property

The JDify may contain our service marks or trademarks as well as those of our affiliates in the forms pf content, logos, graphics, and anything that is available on the website. Your regular use of our products or services does not give you any rights or license for you to make use of the service marks or trademarks without any written permission signed by both parties. The contents available on our website are protected under the United States and foreign copyrights and the copying, redistribution, or usage is strictly prohibited under any circumstance.

All proprietary rights will remain as the exclusive property of our company. However, the company has all the royalty-free rights to make use of any suggestions, ideas, feedback, or inspiration provided by any of the subscribers relating to the "Submissions". The company has the right to make use of the subscriber's name or its company logo for our marketing strategies.

Restrictions in the usage:

As a user you are bound to adhere to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you shall not: 1. transfer the service or product and make it available to any of the third-party; 2. send unsolicited communications, spam messages, or mail; 3. Use JDify service or products in violation of applicable law; 4. store any content that infringes upon any third party's intellectual property rights; 5. interfere or harm the performance of the services and their components; 6. post, transmit, upload or store any content that is unlawful, racist, hateful, abusive, or discriminatory; 7. upload or transmit or store any viruses, malware, or any other similar harmful; 8. track cookies, networks, exchange, or data brokerages, or to send electronic communication in violation of applicable law 9. In addition, modify, adapt, or hack or attempt to gain unauthorized access to JDify products; 10. falsely imply any sponsorship.

Communication from JDify

Any service you use may include certain communication from JDify, such as service announcement, newsletter, and product update notification. These communications are an integral part of the services. As a user you also have the option to opt-out receiving newsletters from us, however, you will have no option to opt-out from receiving announcement messages.

Personal Information and Privacy

Any personal information you provide or store in JDify, all the details will be governed by the JDify privacy policy pages. Your usage of our service indicates that you are accepting the terms of our JDify policy pages. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of usernames or other personal credentials. As a user, you are responsible for taking care of all the activities that occur in your user account. If you notice any unauthorized use of the user account by dropping an email to our official id by calling us on our contact details mentioned on our contact page. We do not take any responsibility for any loss or damage to you or any third party incurred.

Content posted by users

The users of JDify have the right to post text, paragraphs, videos, or any other type of content on the sites. This is only applicable if you own all the rights to the content or anyone has given you permission to use it. By doing this you do not transfer ownership of your content by just posting it. However, you grant us our licensees or agents the rights to reproduce, store, transmit, create your content. Please note that this license continues even if you stop using it. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from all liabilities or expenses arising out of the content you post. If you send us any information, ideas, or feedback, those communications won't be considered confidential assets. We reserve all the rights to use, reproduce without any obligations to you.

Content posted by others

We are not responsible neither we endorse, content posted by any other person. Moreover, we are not liable directly or indirectly for any loss or damage caused to you associated with the content sub, fitted by someone else.

Suspension, and Termination

JDify has the sole responsibility to suspend your user account or temporarily disable your access to the whole service or maybe a part of the service. Only in case of suspected illegal activity, extended periods of inactivity, or requests by law enforcement or any other government agencies. Any sort of objection to suspension shall be made by dropping a mail to our official email id on or before 30 days of being notified of the suspension. Because, after 30 days we may suspend or disable user account after 30 days. Apart from this, we will also terminate your user account at your request.

In addition to this, JDify reserve the sole right to terminate your user account and deny the services to provide once you have violated the condition. JDify also reserves the right to terminate your access to any Beta Service in case of any unexpected technical glitch. As a user, you also have the right to terminate your user account, if you come across that JDify violates the terms. Termination of user account will include restricting access to all the services, deletion of information from user accounts such as email address and password.

Modification of Terms of Services

JDify may modify the Terms of services from time to time. The new updated version will be reflected on our website. Any augment or updated features, including all the upcoming tools and resources, shall be subject to the Terms of Service. We may alter or modify the terms at any time and keep you updated through an announcement or by sending an email to your primary email address. You may terminate your use of the services by indicating with an email before or prior to 30 days of being notified of the availability of the modified terms. During such termination, you will be entitled to a pending refund of the unused portion of any paid plan.

Your continued use of the service after the effective date shall constitute your consent to such changes. You can review the most current version of the Terms of Service anytime you want.

Payment & Subscription Terms

You can avail our free trial without any need for credit card details. The free trial is only for limited features to try the premium features you must begin a paid subscription which requires credit cards details. The service you purchase will be billed on a monthly or annual basis. In neither case, the paid amount will be non-refundable.

JDify reserves the right to change the subscription fee from time to time. Each term shall automatically renew for subsequent periods of the same length as the initial term unless either party gives written notice of termination a minimum of 30 days prior to the expiration of the plan. If the payment is not completed for any reason or violation of terms, JDify shall be entitled to restrict or suspend your account immediately.

Warranty and Disclaimer

JDify warrants that it will provide 99% uptime of the service failing which downtime credit will be provided for the time. JDify agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless customers, officers, directors, employees, actions, without limitation, delays, and other problems. We take reasonable care for virus protection and other harmful components. Any information or advice obtained by the customer in connection with the usage of the service. JDify tries its best effort to provide relevant information to the customer.

Limitation of Liability

Under no consequence, JDify will be liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect, special, or other loss or damage whatsoever or for loss of business profits by the inability to use the service. In no event, JDify has been advised of the possibility of such damage; whether direct or indirect exceed the fees paid by you towards such service.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless JDify including its officers, directors, employees, and other related staff for any loss, damage, fines, or extra expenses that occur due to any claim related to the service you have availed. It also includes the violation of any law, terms, or any other claim related to services related to JDify.

Governing law and jurisdiction

Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the Terms shall be settled and adjudicated exclusively by the court of India.

End of Terms of Service

If you have any questions or concerns related to the terms of service mentioned here, please contact us at our official email id.